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The global economy has shifted tremendously allowing the software outsourcing industry to evolve. With the dramatic digitization of nearly all industries during the pandemic, hiring software developers from different countries have become rather “trendy” as it saves the hassle of recruiting local developers. With the blossoming software offshore outsourcing, let’s dive and predict the emerging IT outsourcing trends for 2021/22


Invested Partners- than Hired Team

As the software outsourcing companies are evolving, they have gained the position of “strategic invested partners” as opposed to “developer to hire” service. This is because the reputable outsourcing industries have helped numerous businesses to grow their business. Entrusting these companies as partners allows these companies to put in more effort for the success.

Moreover, as the businesses are launching multiple products in a short span of time, acquiring the offshore outsourcing services is their best bet for effective task distribution.


Since most of these offshore software outsourcing services are providing a team on the basis of need, it is easy to mix and match the skills that you need. The result is a dynamic team that is easier to scale up or scale down, transitioning from full time to part time or any other change in the middle of the project. The adaptability to changes is difficult to implement in an in-house setting.

Increase in the demand for cutting-edge technology

A report by Statista states that over 2.14 billion people are/ will be purchasing goods and services online in 2021. This number is expected to grow even more the next year owing to the circumstances that we all are currently living in. With needs comes the solutions and new trends. In 2021, we have seen major technological transformations in the various domains including but not limited to

1. Artificial Intelligence

2. Business Intelligence

3. Blockchain

4. Cloud Computing

5. Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)

6. E-commerce Applications- Goods and Services

Focusing on delivery

As we are living in the fast-paced world, the focus has been shifted to timely delivery. To excel in any particular field and to be better than your competitors, timing matters significantly. This makes the length of contracts for the projects shorter. However, it makes the procurement rather difficult for the outsourcing teams

Quality over Quantity

The gap between 1.4 million open tech vacancies (US labor statistics) and only 400,000 CS graduates in 2020 will result in an unrealized output of $162 billion in 2021.

The talent shortage in the IT industry amounts to 40 million open jobs in 2021. Even the multiple IT institutions around the world are unable to fill this shortage so much so that the gap might reach upto 85.2 million workers.

With shortage of the skills and more open IT jobs around the world, the emphasis of businesses has been shifted from cost reduction to the product quality in 2021. For the outsourcing companies to be profitable, focusing on the quality of the product is the most important.

Demand for Application Lifecycle Management

The demand for management for the application lifecycle has increased tremendously for delivering quality releases on schedule. Moreover, it  is being seen as necessary for agile development.

Enhanced Data Security

There is always a threat of data breach in offshore development due to the ease of stealing intellectual property such as the business secrets. This serves as one of the biggest discouraging factors for bigger businesses.

24/7 Services

It is very important to keep the services up and running 24/7 for most of the businesses especially if they are running an e-commerce store. In case of a failure, there must be a team to navigate any problems. That is why, most of the businesses are looking for outsourcing teams that can provide services round the clock.

At DevNatives, we focus on developing teams who are more focused on the new cutting edge technologies delivering the best solutions to our clients all over the world. Looking for an outsourcing company having all the qualities mentioned above, contact us here.