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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Our team at DevNatives provide you with technical expertise of Business Intelligence solutions including assistance in the management, reporting and visualizing of the data on time and budget.

Our Services

Services We Provide

BI Consulting

DevNatives has skilled BI consultants responsible for deploying business intelligence throughout the enterprise by analyzing resource, process, finance, sales, company’s revenue, investment details. DevNatives provides consulting in these areas: Operational Business Intelligence, Financial, Customer , Marketing and Sales , Supply Chain, and Human Resource Business Intelligence.

BI Testing

At DevNatives, we believe in quality solutions. We have in-house testers guaranteeing the custom BI solution integrates with the existing business operations seamlessly. -Business Performance Management -Analytics and Data Mining -Big Data Analysis -Governance

Data Warehousing and ETL

For data management, DevNatives employ a custom-built data warehouse and a custom-tailored ETL process . This will also allow data mapping and metadata management.

BI Implementation

DevNatives BI Intelligence implementation includes designing, developing, deploying a BI solution to analyze and process real -time data using data-mining techniques. The aim of BI implementation is to support decision making at the initiation of any enterprise solution.

We Master in

Industry Expertise


DevNatives’ BI engineers have experience in designing logistics dashboards with useful metrics such as fleet, deliveries, weight and loading time. These metrics when visualized on tools help eradicate errors, get updates in real-time and automate processes thus saving time.

Financial Services

Our talented BI engineers can turn numbers into effective visuals facilitating the financial professionals with their analysis processes, budgeting, forecasting and reporting. The data will be automatically updated representing the status of the system.


Our BI engineers monitor metrics such as performance, expenses and patient satisfaction level to help with the decision making process. Our Healthcare BI solutions enhance hospital performance allowing the patients to partake in high-quality treatments.

Business Intelligence Tools

DevNatives in-house engineers have ample experience in various development languages such as:

Power BI



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