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About Us

Our company, DevNatives, exists to provide high quality offshore software development and designing outsourcing services that will facilitate our clients to enhance business growth. We believe that success is only possible through teamwork and innovation.

DevNatives Pvt. Ltd.
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Our Services

Web Application Development

Our web development team builds interactive, responsive and highly scalable web applications catered to your business.

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Mobile Application Development

Our mobile application team builds flexible and secure mobile applications with eye-grabbing interfaces and fast loading speed.

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UI/UX Design

Our graphic designers create, exciting and consistent web and graphic designs matched to your branding for satisfying user experiences.

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PopUp Delivery
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The beauty chef
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Nood Cases
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HB Property
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Rouge Beauty
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Happy Clients


We have worked together with DevNatives team on several eCommerce sites. They have very good developers which have a great attention to detail and gives us good advice on how to implement the site correctly. They sticks to deadlines and always offers a good quality finished product with continued support. Our sites are converting very well! Highly recommended!!
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Gary MacDonough - Director
DevNatives have skilled web development experts that I have had the pleasure to work with. They are wonderful with clients and came up with innovative, detailed solutions best tailored to our business needs. I highly recommend this team!
Tom Evans, HB Property
The DevNatives team ran the seamless operation of developing NOOD, but the thing that impressed me the most is the attention given to me as a client; it was very personal and thorough. The team’s experience combined with the current industry savvy to provide the best solutions for business growth and integrated operations make it the most reasonable team to work with.
James Lennings, Nood Cases
I've had the pleasure of working with DevNatives and have seen firsthand the dedication that the team puts into their projects. Whether it's an initial consult, an app or a webpage, or compliance work, you're in good hands with these guys. Highly recommend them!
Robert Smith, Rogue Beauty
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