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DevNatives provides a wide range of web development services, including requirement analysis, wireframing, UI/UX design, implementation of the application, testing, maintenance and support. Our web design company has an extensive portfolio in developing static web applications, dynamic web applications, ecommerce apps, web portals and enterprise solutions. You can choose to go for a turnkey website development or a customized website depending on your niche and requirements.

Our Web Development Stack

Front-end Development

DevNatives provides its clients with excellent front-end web development services. Our front-end engineers are constantly upgrading their knowledge in the upcoming technologies. We are experts in the various front-end web technologies including HTML, CSS and various javascript frameworks and libraries including React.JS, AngularJS, and Vue.JS.

Back-end Development

DevNatives has a team of excellent back-end engineers working on Express.JS, Node.JS, PHP, Python and Ruby on Rails to build a secure backend for your website. DevNatives provides best possible software solutions with highest performance and rich functionality owing to a highly efficient backend stack.

Services That Really Work

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Single-Page Applications (SPAs)

DevNatives has extensive experience in the development of single-page applications (SPAs). If you are looking to develop a dynamic platform having fast load speed, SPA would be a perfect option for you. DevNatives employs React.JS and Angular.JS framework for the development of single page applications.

Web Portals

Our web development company is capable of building Business to Business, Business to Customers, E-learning, Service and Community Web Portals. These portals are highly scalable, secure and are integrated with 3d tools to maximize the performance.

Progressive Web Applications

Our web developers are qualified in efficient progressive web application development having the same qualities of the native application. This will allow the application to run on multiple devices optimizing the user experience. Our in-house web development team builds the PWA from scratch to customize it to your requirements.

ERP and CRM Systems

Our web development firm is an expert in developing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. At DevNatives, our developers can build web based ERP and CRM solutions not only for large firms and establishments with mainframe servers but also for small and medium enterprises depending on the requirements.

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