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DevNatives is a rapidly growing IT company that provides software design and development services in cutting-edge technologies to its clients globally. The company is a hub to greatly skilled and dedicated software engineers and designers working to enhance user experience and support technology expansion. We are providing state-of-the-art software solutions in the domains of Operations Digitalization, Healthcare IT, e-Commerce, and Human Resource Automation.

DevNatives Technologies is committed to providing substantive business value through a combination of expert Industry-Specific business analysis, strong technical skills, sound project management methods and traditional values.

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Our Industry Expertise

Providing healthcare solutions to facilitate healthcare professionals to deliver high quality services and care to patients.

Medical Billing Automation

Automate your billing systems and processes to enhance efficiency.

Clinical Decision Support

Make highly effective and timely decisions based on real time data at point of care through our state of the art decision support systems.

Electronic Health Records

Store your patients’ medical history, diagnostic results and other information securely through our cloud based EHR solutions.

Patient Engagement

Collaborate with patients and engage with them through a range of patient oriented digital apps.

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Get our Fintech solutions dedicated for professionals to maximize your financial potential and analyze and forecast financial trends around the globe.

Bill Payment

Effectively manage and pay your bills with our secure and user-friendly billing solutions.

Risk Management

Identify, mitigate and manage risks more aptly via our risk mitigation solutions.

Financial Planning and Analysis

Strengthen your ability to plan and execute your financial objectives with the help of our advanced technical financial planning and analysis services.

Financial Analytics

Get helpful insights and enhance your decision making power with our financial analytical tools.

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Providing insurance and administration management services using emerging technologies to help streamline and optimize insurance services.

Policy Management

Helps you automate and manage insurance policies.

Billing and payment processing

Manage and automate your billing and payment processes with the help of our advanced insurance billing solutions.

Analytics and Reporting

Get insightful data and analytics to help you understand market trends and clients’ orientation.

Customer Management

Efficiently manage customer relationships and enhance satisfaction with our customer management solutions especially targeted towards insurance clients.

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Designing personalized digital solutions for educational institutions and professionals to facilitate seamless learning, better collaboration and simple management processes.

Online Collaboration

Enjoy smooth communication and interaction between students and teachers through our online collaboration tools.

Student Attendance

Automate, track and monitor attendance of students and generate insightful summaries.

Learning Analytics

Our Learning Analytics Tools optimize learning through detailed and meaningful performance based analytics.

Personalized Learning

Cater the interests of individual students and provide learning opportunities through our Digital Learning Portals.

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Our Innovative IT solutions help the fashion industry to stay ahead of global trends and stay well informed with the latest trends.

Fashion Trend Forecasting

Our intelligent forecasting tools provide insight of fashion trends and relevant data to help designers stand out.

Retail Systems

Automate your entire retailing process through our state-of-the-art Retail Automation Solutions.


We help you target more customers and achieve your goals with the help of our e-commerce solutions.

Virtual Fashion Shows

Organize and manage your brand’s fashion shows from the comfort of your own home with our innovative virtual platforms.

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Effectively manage supply chain and logistics processes with our comprehensive logistics solutions.

Inventory Management

Manage stocks, track inventory levels, optimize inventory, and demand forecasting through our Inventory Management Systems.

Stock Alerts

Get automatic alerts for stock thresholds, and seamlessly manage your company’s stocks.

Quality Assurance

Improve your quality assurance process with our quality assurance tools that help you detect and fix defects.

GPS and Telematics

Allows you to track and monitor the location of your logistics vehicles in real time.

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Acquire our IT solutions for property management, seamless transactions and positive customer experience.

Online Property Listings

List and market your property easily and effectively with our user-friendly online property listing platforms.

Digital Marketing

Provides you an edge to market your services to your customers and engage with a greater audience with our digital marketing solutions.

Virtual Tours

Enable your customers to experience new dimensions of immersive virtual tours with our Virtual Reality Solutions.

3D Images

Provide your customers with stunning visualizations of your properties with immersive 3D images with our visualization tools.

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Create highly personalized content for your audience with our IT services to help you achieve more audiences in your specific niche.

Streaming Services

Provide infinite entertainment possibilities to your customers with our digital streaming services.

Personalized Advertising

Personalize advertising campaigns that resonate with your audience to drive engagement and conversions through our advertising services.

Content Distribution Platforms

Efficiently distribute your digital content to multiple platforms with a single solution.

Virtual Shows

Organize virtual entertainment shows for your audiences with our Virtual Reality Solutions.

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Providing digital solutions to facilitate the hospitality industry for seamless services to your customers.

Online Booking Systems

Simplify your hotel’s process of booking and reach a wider audience with our online hotel booking systems.

Online Reputation Management

Helps you monitor and improve the reputation of your brand or company by being able to manage search engine results and social media platforms.

Digital Room Service

Facilitate your guests to order food or avail other services easily without any hustle through our latest digital apps and platforms.

Travel Management System

Manage traveling services, your customers’ data, real time quotations, bookings and logistics with the help of our digital traveling apps.

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Our Leaders

Meet the Key Team Members


Aamir Khan

CEO - Founder

As the founder and Chief Executive Officer at DevNatives, Aamir oversees every aspect of the work including defining vision, building the team and creating a healthy company culture. He established DevNatives as an one-stop software outsourcing service that converges both freelance and in-house development without compromising the quality of the product.


Muhammad Awais

Chief Operating Officer

Awais has multi-faceted expertise in project management, process automation, software development, coaching, training and societal change. At DevNatives, he oversees company operations and translates organizational strategies into visible steps for growth, implements goal setting, leads key initiatives, and plans annual operations.


Qazi Danish

Chief Technology Officer

Danish is a Tech innovator with a passion for making software that solves real world problems. Here at DevNatives, he serves as the lead technologist of the company, staying on top of tech trends, implementing software to help businesses grow, and making all executive decisions with regard to the technological interests of the company.

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