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How many squad
members do you need?

Minimum of 4 & maximum of 9 members per squad.

Team Lead

Supervises the quality of the work, facilitates team to fulfill business goals and carry out time & resource management.

Tech Lead

Responsible for architectural & design directions, assuring code quality, identifying and fixing technical issues.

Development Squad

Acts as the backbone of software development responsible for the technical expertise required to fulfill the user’s requirements.

Starting at


4 Tech Lead


4 Tech Contributor


4 Squad Lead


  • Quality Assurance
  • UI/UX Design
  • Gsquad platform
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Why work with us ?

We love to suggest innovative solutions to your complex problems. We are Pakistan based software outsourcing development service offering software developers, data engineers, business intelligence analysts and designers to be hired on an hourly or monthly basis. Hub to a team of 30+ members, DevNatives has always ensured quality software development and cost efficiency. If you want to reap the benefits of in-house development in the freelancing costs, contact us.

Questions You Asked

Frequently Asked Questions

What benefit will I gain from outsourcing any part of the product development lifecycle?

Outsourcing of product development will allow you:
1-To acquire expertise in the part of software development that you don’t currently hold. Our qualified professionals will have the capabilities to develop your product as per your requirements
2-To minimize the risk, time and cost; the experts in the field are likely to take less time and will allow you to focus on the core goals. Moreover, our cost-efficient packages for squad will allow you to cut supporting costs
3-To be flexible; you will be in-contact with squad as you wish

What are DevNatives strengths?

DevNatives prides itself on providing the minimum costs of freelancing with the security of an in-house team. This unique advantage over others coupled with the technical capabilities and domain expertise makes us one of the best software outsourcing services. Moreover, our squad will be in constant communication with your team allowing you to keep control of the product architecture and development. We also work tirelessly to manage your timeline and budget.

How do I submit the initial information on a project to DevNatives?

You can submit your initial information in this contact form and we will reach out to you. You can also reach us through email: info@devnatives.com

How do you determine the cost of any service?

Our cost depends on the type of the service, time duration of the project and the number of squad members. It will be communicated to you during the negotiation.

If I outsource to DevNatives, how will I be paying you?

Mode of payment will be discussed during the negotiations stage of the project.