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Are you afraid of software outsourcing because of the horror stories that you have heard? Well, we are here to breakdown all the issues that you might encounter with offshore software outsourcing. This guide will assist you to not only identify the mistakes that you might make during the outsourcing problems but provide you with tricks that can help you mitigate them as well. If you know how to handle these issues, software outsourcing can help you to save time and cost whilst providing you with the technical expertise needed so let’s get into it!
Avoiding Software Outsourcing Problems

1. Cost over Quality

There is a reason why there is a sudden hike in the number of projects being outsourced- low cost. When you are a starting business, low costs seem more justifiable with your minimum resources. That’s probably a good thing but what happens more often than not is a tradeoff of quality. This is probably why the number of the project failures are increasing too. A simple way to get rid of this problem is to find a vendor who is experienced in the same domain and has proven to produce successful products- no matter the cost.

2. Poor Communication Skills

Low costs are often tied to the developers working in non-English countries due to the economic disparities. As most of the research shows that the success of any project depends on how well the requirements were translated into the end product. With language barriers, the requirements are not understood clearly and we all know what that leads to – something we all dread i.e. project failure! Bad Internet Connection We all know the internet can be expensive which is why a low rate worker might not be one. This could affect the delivery date which can lead to frustration on both ends. Low Quality  Established developers in a particular field charge for their experience, time and quality of the product. If somebody charges you less than the justified amount, it shall ring a bell that the developer is inexperienced.

3. Unclear Requirements

With development outsourcing comes the challenge of requirements clarity.  A well formed specification allows the team to work on the defined goal without straying. However, since you are not working under the same roof, it’s difficult to keep a team on the same page. To avoid such issues, it is extremely important to define the goals and requirements within a document in easy to understand terms. Don’t forget to send it too!

4. Lack of communication

As mentioned earlier, lack of communication can lead to unclear requirements. This could happen due to a number of factors- predominantly because they are in remote locations. You are unable to check the work on a daily basis and can only correct it when you receive it. Backtracking the changes are often very expensive.
  • To avoid such issues, you should lay down your expectations with the outsourcing vendor including
  • How would the work progress be updated including means of communication, tools that will facilitate that communication and the people incharge of handling the reviews
  • What is the procedure of communication
  • How are you going to manage different time zones
  • How will be the issues mitigated
Once you have laid the groundwork, it is vital that you implement them too in the beginning and set the tone for the project.

5. Unrealistic expectations

Unrealistic expectations are one of the biggest culprits in project failures especially in the software outsourcing world. If you are hiring a developer who costs you around $5-10 dollars, don’t expect him/her to create a highly complicated state-of-the-art product. In order to avoid this, find a team who can actually bring your idea to life and if it needs a bit of polishing, go for it!

6. Listen and Accept Feedback

So you might be a know-it-all business owner, but it’s always best to listen to the feedback of the field experts. That is exactly why you hired them- to hear their ideas of what’s best for your idea and what’s the best course of action to implement them. Since most of these outsourced workers have already worked with tons of companies, they know how to deal with certain situations better than you. To facilitate feedback, you can – Carry out one-to-one meetings online regularly – Create survey of your ideas against their ideas

7. Hiring a Freelancer and not a Full-Service Company

Suppose you are taking a new initiative and have decided to hire specialized developers on the freelance basis. These developers that you have outsourced live in different countries and are connected to you via the internet. On the launch date of your project, you encounter a problem in the production. However, one of these developers is out of reach and you cannot physically go get him. Your investors and users instantly become disappointed and the project becomes a lost cause. Now this might seems improbable to you, but most of the companies that look for the freelancers to cut costs and expertise face this issues. So no matter how much you want to hire independent freelancers for your work, it is always a good idea to compare the pros and cons of the process.

Final Thoughts

The most important way to overcome the problems of outsourced software development is to hire a vendor who has the relevant experience and shares the same vision for your project. To avoid problems with software outsourcing, the most important thing is to find a software outsourcing company who is best aligned with your requirements. Moreover, don’t leave everything to your outsourced vendor. Analyzing the project and breaking down your requirements into smaller understandable chunks should be your first priority. Define the project management methodologies and communication channels for smooth relay of messages between your outsourced vendor and yourself. A technical manager or coordinator can further help you to relay your messages and test the end results according to the requirements that you relayed. Consequently, software outsourcing should only be chosen if you have a reliable partner and end up being profitable to you. Assess the hourly rates of different companies around the world against the quality of the product they are providing and then make the informed decision. To avoid such issues, it is always recommended to hire an outsourcing company instead of an independent freelancer as they have their quality assurance activities in place. If you are looking for a trusted outsourcing vendor who can help you avoid such problems, DevNatives is your best choice. You can contact us here for more information.